One Unique Image

You As You’ve Never Seen You Before

Heritage Series portraits are different from the images you would get from a typical portrait session. These are quick shoots where I will use custom lighting setups and editing styles to create a unique art piece for you. By allowing me to select the final image, I guarantee you will end up with a portrait that is unlike anything you’ve ever had taken of you before.

Heritage Series Portrait


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Frequently Asked Questions


Where Will The Portrait Sessions Happen?

We’ll take your portrait at a gorgeous photo studio inside the historic Lincoln Warehouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

What Should I Expect?

These will be quick, 15-30 minute shoots. A lot of people feel a bit nervous and awkward in front of a camera – even models and professionals. That’s okay! I will help you throughout the shoot with posing and expression guidance to make sure you look and feel your best!

Will There Be Hair and Makeup?

No, please arrive ready for the camera. I recommend getting a haircut several days in advance of the shoot, so that it’s had a chance to grow into something you’re comfortable with. Stay hydrated and get plenty of rest the night before to reduce bags under your eyes!

What Should I Wear?

Something comfortable and form-fitting! Solid colors tend to work best. Consider what you will be using these pictures for, and dress accordingly. I’m happy to offer my advice if you’d like – so feel free to ask me directly!

What Is Retouching, Exactly?

Retouching is when we remove unwanted wrinkles, pimples, hairs, and so on.

How Will I Get My Portrait?

I will chose the strongest portrait from our session, retouch it, and email you a link to download the high-resolution file within a week of our session. I may also include a few additional un-retouched shots I love, which you will have the option of having retouched for an additional $50 per photo.

Can I Edit My Portrait Myself After I Receive It?

Just as most artists prefer that you not alter their paintings in anyway, I feel the same way about my portraits. I’ve spent years perfecting my craft, and everything I do is considered and purposeful. So I would prefer if you did not perform further edits!

Can I Use These Images For Commercial Purposes?

These images are not meant to be used for album covers, book covers, ads, etc. They are for personal use only. I would love for you to use them on social media, your website, business cards, general publicity headshot, etc. But I can’t allow commercial use unless we negotiate that use with a separate contract.

More questions? Don’t hesitate to send me a message.